4' FabLite Buckeye Pillowcase Table Top

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This FabLite table top stands out from the crowd with its big graphic impact and vertically curved shape. Like all Nomadic printed fabrics, the graphic is custom-tailored for a wrinkle-free fit and finish. FabLite travels in its own padded shoulder bag and sets up fast without tools. The perimeter frame snaps together with push button ease. The liner and dye sub printed fabric graphic pull over the frame like a pillowcase and zip at the end. The support legs clip to the back. Presto, you are ready to show in minutes.

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2' D x 4' W x 3' H
Approximate Weights:
Max Loaded: 15 lb
DIM: 11.5 lb
1 - Fabric Carry Case - 12" x 38" x 5"
Setup Instructions: